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Grill Up Cast Iron 4th Of July Favorites!

You don’t need to be intimidated about using your cast iron skillet outdoors.  Cast iron works perfectly on an outdoor grill.  So for the Independence Day holiday, why not put your cast iron skillet to the test and grill up some cast iron 4th of July favorites? The wonderful thing about cast iron is that […]

How To Care For Cast Iron Cookware

How To Care For Cast Iron Cookware

Show your cast iron cookware some love, and it will love you back. Properly seasoned and cared for cast iron cookware will last a lifetime. Whether you found your cast iron cookware at a garage sale or bought it from a retailer like Walmart, proper care and seasoning is something to begin on day one. You […]

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Cast Iron Is The Healthiest Way To Cook

Here’s another reason to love your cast iron cookware — it’s good for you!  In fact, it may just be the healthiest way to cook.  As anyone who regularly reads my blog will know, I love to cook with cast iron.  It heats evenly, quickly, consistently.  If properly cared for, it will last a lifetime.  […]

Top 5 Reasons Why Cast Iron Cookware Is So Green

Dependable, that’s what cast iron is. It will last for centuries if properly cared for, and it has a natural non-stick surface that’s eco-friendly. Cast iron has been around for hundreds of years. Before fancy teflon cookware was even a notion, cast iron was the standard for good cooks everywhere. You can bake cornbread in […]

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