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How To Care For Cast Iron Cookware

How To Care For Cast Iron Cookware

Show your cast iron cookware some love, and it will love you back. Properly seasoned and cared for cast iron cookware will last a lifetime. Whether you found your cast iron cookware at a garage sale or bought it from a retailer like Walmart, proper care and seasoning is something to begin on day one. You […]

Don’t Be A Dummy, Wash Your Reusable Bags

In this day and age, I shouldn’t have to remind y’all, all y’all–to wash your reusable bags.  I mean, really, you wouldn’t wear the same clothes every day, would you?  Okay, who washes their jeans–but seriously, people!  What you’re bringing home in your shopping bags is a lot grosser than that pair of jeans you’ve been […]

uses for vinegar

15 Odd Uses for Vinegar

Here are some strange and wonderful uses for this everyday pantry staple. Did you know vinegar can:  1. Help You Lose Weight  By drinking a mixture of one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water, with a bit of honey added for flavor, you can effectively control your appetite for several hours. […]