Take Off Your Bra, Save The Planet

Women are being encouraged to recycle their used bras in Japan’s newest environmental effort.

Sorry, it’s not as sexy as it sounds. In fact it’s a little weird. But it does make good eco-sense.

In February, Japan’s largest underwear manufacturer, Wacoal, began collecting used bras for a new recycling program.

Wacoal distributed recycling bags to its customers in the hope that they would return their unwanted unmentionables to the company. The program was a shapely success. Wacoal has collected 350 bags containing about 36,000 old bras. That’s nearly 3.59 tons of recyclable material that will be processed and used as solid fuel.

If hooked together, the collected bras would reach three times the height of Mt. Everest. Well, it just goes to show, almost anything can be recycled into something new.